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Thu 4th       7:30pm        Standing Committee at the Vicarage

Sat 6th        8pm              Songwriters’ Night at Morvah Schoolhouse

(booking essential 786447/787808)

Sun 7th –     12:15pm      PCC meets to approve Annual Accounts

Tue 16th     7:30pm        AGM of Friends of Morvah Church

Thu 18th     7:30pm        PCC in Parish Hall

Wed 24th – 2pm              SONGSTERS leave Vicarage for St Just Senior Social Club

Sun 28th –   11:30am      Church AGM followed by ‘Bring and Share’ lunch


Vicar’s Letter

Pendeen with Morvah

Pendeen Vicarage

Tel: Penzance (01736)788777

April 2013

Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to another edition of your parish magazine, and to this first bit, where your vicar tries to share something he has learned himself, in the hope you will find it helpful too.

I reckon there are two sides to learning:- one is learning to see how things are connected. The other side is learning to see how things are different: it is this second side to learning that often gets forgotten. And what I want to share with you is an example of that. I have learned – or begun to learn – that two particular things are different. Two things which are obviously connected.

The two things I’m talking about are Forgiveness and Trust.

I need hardly spell out how those things are connected. It is so obvious they go together. But, they are not the same thing. I have come to realize that, and now think the world might be a better place if we all realized it!

And I’m going to stick my neck out here. I reckon that we should always forgive! Easy of course for a vicar to say in a parish magazine: doesn’t it depend on what has been done to you? Aren’t there some things which are just so terrible you couldn’t possibly forgive them? Well, the first thing I must say, is that I am not claiming I have always forgiven, or do always forgive: But I do know that, so long as I’m not forgiving someone it hurts me! I also believe that God forgives me, so I should forgive other people. To pray the Lord’s Prayer reminds us of that.

And, just as I didn’t do anything to earn God’s forgiveness of me, I shouldn’t expect anyone to do anything to earn my forgiveness either!

Which brings us on to the other question – about trusting people! It is foolish to trust anyone and everyone. It is wise to ask ‘Has this person earned my trust?’ So there really is no contradiction in forgiving a person, and at the same time knowing they will have to do a great deal to win back your trust. In extreme circumstances you might even forgive someone and think that the same person ought not to be trusted outside of a prison for the rest of their lives!

Before I close I must mention there has been a recent example which reminded me of all this – and I was also reminded who it is we can often find it hardest to forgive. Of course, that’s ourselves! So, I had just made the same silly mistake three times in as many weeks: and I was feeling badly about it: Then I remembered what I’d learned about forgiveness and trust, and thought, ‘Surely I must forgive myself! But that’s not all: I can’t trust myself not to make the same mistake yet again: So what am I going to do about that?!’

I hope some of that is a help to you. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

As ever, Alan the Vicar.


Praying round the Parish

Particularly in our prayers from week beginning


Sunday April 7th:   those who live in Bojewyan Stennack

Sunday April 14th: those who give their address as Boscaswell Downs

Sunday April 21st: those who live on the Boscaswell Estate

Sunday April 28th: those who live in Boscaswell Lane.


Church News

Calling all Christians – your Church needs you. Yes that’s the message that is calling out from our Church. Well, evangelism is the subject of our Lent course. How do we spread God’s word? How will the established Church survive in today’s modern society?

We live in a world where we can all question the rights and wrongs of women bishops in the Church or the subject of gay marriages. We can see a Pope elected and watch a morning worship from the comfort of our own front rooms.

But our faith is a sharing faith and needs human interaction to grow. Who has got it right? the Anglicans? the Catholics? the Baptists? the house churches? or any other denominational branch of the Christian faith. There is one thing that is for sure. We as Christians should come together show tolerance, love, and mutual respect. We need to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and not to be seen as judgemental.

So, yes, Christians from all walks of life come and join us share your views and opinions. Bring us a new song and your friendship. Let’s come together and build a church. Let us live a life that is worthy for the man who died for us.

Love and God bless from the Church Cat


Morvah Mouse

A generous grant from English Heritage helped us with the expense of repair and renovation to the Church which took place from October 2011 to April 2012. One of the questions on their follow-up monitoring questionnaire was ‘how many visitors in 2012?’ From April to December we had 222 approximately (we don’t know how many were in some of the families who signed the visitors’ book). Also many come in and don’t sign the book.

When we were raising money for the Church repairs we sent letters to people who had left comments and full addresses in the visitors’ book. May of these people were in Australia and had come to Cornwall to trace their ancestors. In 2001 a lady came into the Church when both the Wardens were there. She was tracing her family in order to write a book about them, so it was interesting for her to talk to Zip. Her name was Corona Wood, she eventually sent us a copy of the book which is held by one of the Churchwardens. It is called ‘Our Three Families’- the Past and Present History of Joseph and Lily Dennis. The author was the great great granddaughter of John Dennis and Mary Ellis who migrated from the Morvah area in 1864.

On Pasty Day many visitors return annually for the occasion – drawn by the Church and its community with so many historical connections.

Our visitors’ book is fascinating and, as we are proudly always open, accessible at any time. We may be a small church but our friends are world wide!

A very interesting talk by John Harry at the beginning of March was well attended, raising £136 for funds.

Thank you for your support. Morvah Mouse


From Pendeen Church Visitors Book 2013

11th February : Jenny GASON, Playing Place

15th February : Mike and Anna JACKSON, Sidlesham, West Sussex

9th March : Richard and Leslie GARTRELL, Seattle WA, USA
“A journey to discover my heritage from the Gartrells in Cornwall”

10th March : Barbara & Marion Porthleven/Marazion Mother’s Day Visit, New Flowers – God Bless

14th March : John & Sasitorn KENNEDY, Cheshire, Such Good Memories

14th March : Sasitorn KENNEDY, Songkhla, Thailand, Visiting where husband from


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