Pendeen with Morvah Churches


Sun 5th       10am-4pm   Pendeen Rally at Geevor

7:30pm        Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival
at St Just Methodist Church

Fri 10th –     10am-12noon      Coffee Morning at Vicarage for Friends of Pendeen Church

Sat 11th     12noon-2pm                    Christian Aid Soup Lunch at Centre of Pendeen

Sat 18th     7:30pm        Handel’s Oratorio ‘Samson’ in Madron Church

Wed 29th – 2pm              SONGSTERS leave Vicarage to entertain at Benoni



Pendeen Vicarage

Tel: Penzance 788777

May 2013

Dear Parishioners,

Yesterday was like plenty of other days but then something happened which I’m sure I’ll never forget – something rather beautiful: but I’ve already seen how I should have reacted a bit differently – and even how I might become a better person in general!

Today, the magazine is about to go to press, and I must write this ‘bit’ for it. So, how about sharing my ‘magic moment’ with you? Yesterday was my day off, and I was spending it in what seems to me like the best possible way, combining three of the nicest things in the world – eating, good company and walking through our glorious countryside. As quite often happens, some friends in Penzance had asked me to an evening meal and offered to run me home afterwards: so I was spending the day finding my way into Penzance including moors, coast, fields and woods. I know at least half a dozen different ways of doing this!

So, after an hour or so, I’d just left this parish and was venturing into the parish of Madron. The bit of stone wall I was passing was obviously very ancient indeed, and I was at first irritated to see that someone seemed to have been using it as an unofficial litter-bin. Between the rocks you could see something in a plastic bag. But it looked a bit neat somehow to be just rubbish. So I pulled it out, and found that the plastic bag was protecting one of those rather posh kitchen containers – the sort which has fold-up flaps on the side to make sure the seal is perfect. Through the plastic of the lid you could see there was a note-book and pen. Written on the cover of the note-book was a title:- ‘Cache Log Book’.

So – I opened the box! Lots of different entries in the book, all written by different people, some with quite long comments. And every entry dated: the last one was dated 9:4:13 and I was there, six days later, on 15:4:13. But it wasn’t just the book in the box. Under the book were all sorts of bits and pieces – the biggest being a small brown teddy-bear that might have been attached to a key-ring. I also noticed a plastic membership card for 2012, and some bright plastic things which I think are to fire out of a toy gun. Well, I quickly got the idea: “Alan! – You must sign the book, make a comment, and add some kind of little personal treasure to the box, for someone else to enjoy finding. What a wonderful game this is!”

Well you know how witty I am – so the comment I wrote was “Alan 15:4:13. Thank you”. Then I wondered what on earth I could add to the box. I deliberately travel light on these occasions – especially when I know all my needs are soon to be catered for by my waiting hosts. But, feeling in the back pocket of my jeans, I pulled out something I’d forgotten was there. This was a copy one of my own songs. I guess I’m not the only song-writer who finds writing songs only too easy: the difficult thing is to learn the darned things. In fact, for me, it becomes a kind of test – if this song is worth all the effort of learning it, then it probably isn’t too bad! That’s how come the song had finished up in my jeans pocket. And I suppose, to be honest, it had failed the test. I hadn’t brought it out and tried to learn it – I’d just forgotten it. Anyway, it would come in handy now! I folded the card I’d written the song on and put it next to the 2012 membership card I mentioned and a few other items of card and paper, which previous discoverers of the ‘cache’ had put there.

Then I put everything back as I’d found it, and went happily on my way thinking “Alan!- next time you see a bit of mindless vandalism or littering, do remember that there are other people who do nice things too!”

But now I see that my reaction to what happened could be improved upon! Basically, what was going through my mind was “What am I supposed to do here? – Oh, I see!” – then doing it and getting on with the next thing, (in this case heading off again towards town). Wouldn’t it have been so much better if I’d taken my time at bit more? I could have examined the treasures more carefully for a start: I can’t even tell you what that 2012 card made the holder a member of. And most of the bits and pieces didn’t register with me at all: For all I know some other songster had made a contribution like my own. And as for all the comments in the book! Well, it would have taken an hour or so to read them all, but I might have read a few. I didn’t even turn to the beginning of the book, which might have told me about the reason the original person put it there, and when that was.

So – next ‘magic moment’ – will I have learned the lesson? It might turn into quite a few magic minutes if I do!

And, there might be something very deep indeed here I need to learn here: a wise person once said that our purpose as human beings is “to enjoy God for ever” – so surely a small step in that direction is to learn to enjoy the nice surprises He sometimes springs on us now.

Yours as ever, Alan the Vicar.


Morvah Mouse

As you know, visitors are very important to us. In March we had a lady named Elizabeth Watkins, the great granddaughter of Canon Jennings, who was vicar of Madron and Heamoor with Morvah from 1922 to 1941. It was a great pleasure to welcome her to our morning service. Over the Easter holidays we had more visitors including our friends Dorothy and Nick Thomas who support us so faithfully even though they live in Yorkshire. They come down often to their home in the Morvah area.

The Friends of Morvah Church meet on Tuesday 16th of April no doubt there will be some more ideas and plans for fund raising. I am sure that more people becoming ‘Friends’ would be a great encouragement to them, Our Church March Supper was not so well attended this year, however we raised £165 fro the funds.

Summer must be on the way because Zip has her Coffee Evening and Plant Sale on 30th May. See separate notice for details.

On May 1st all the churchwardens in the Kerrier and Penwith areas will meet at Breage Church for the Deanery Visitation, where the churchwardens declare their promise to execute their duties in good faith.


Church Cat

On Palm Sunday we sang songs of jubilation and praise as we remembered the day Christ entered triumphantly into Jerusalem. We receive a palm cross to carry with us throughout Holy Week, some churches gather in the palms to be burned and used for ashes in the following year to mark Ash Wednesday which begins Lent.

This year’s Lent  course took place midweek and followed the path of evangelism – how do we spread God’s word?  how do we spread the good news of Christ’s salvation? I think their prayers were answered when on Easter morning the Church was packed to capacity as we stood shoulder to shoulder and sang our traditional anthems of praise to a risen Lord.

One Sunday during the past month John reminded us that at times we all are little like doubting Thomas. At first we are willing to believe and then the doubts and questions start to fill our minds. It is only through the grace of faith that we can overcome these niggling doubts and that all of us in the Church face these dilemmas at some time or another.

The other point John was making that morning is what do outsiders think about? or perceive who we Christians are? To find that out he showed us that life is indeed like a box of chocolates. The box being the building and inside we all thank God differently but with one aim and one thing in common – that a love for fellow man and also more importantly a love for our God.

Love and God bless from the Church Cat.



Praying Round the Parish:

Particularly in our prayers from week beginning


Sunday May 5th: those who live at Boscaswell Terrace

Sunday May 12th: those who give their address as Boscaswell Village

Sunday May 19th: those who give their address simply as Botallack

Sunday May 26th: those who live at Botallack Corner

From Pendeen Church Visitors Book 2013

Ingrid and Bethany AYLING, “Visiting mum and dad”

15th March : Ian Gregory, York, “A most elegant church”


Christian Aid Soup Lunch

on Saturday 11th May from 12noon to 2pm

in the Centre of Pendeen

We would like to invite you to our annual soup lunch in aid of Christian Aid Charity.

The week of Christian Aid is to support the charity in providing emergency assistance so that they can help people to provide a better life for their families, in enabling them to feed themselves.

The charity is recognised and supports people both here and abroad.

The soups are gazpacheo, carrot and coriander, and Alan Rowell’s well-loved Clam Chowder, this will be served with fresh rolls and butter.

Dessert will be fresh fruit and followed by tea or coffee.

We ask you to pay £4 for the lunch and all proceeds will go to the charity.

Please do come along and support Christian Aid.   Paulene


Christian Aid Envelopes

This is your opportunity to help some of the world’s poorest people. And the philosophy of Christian Aid is, where possible, to “help people help themselves”. Please drop your envelope in at Pendeen Post Office or, even better, bring it along to the Christian Aid Soup Lunch at the Centre of Pendeen on Saturday 11th May. Thank you!


Thank you, Maurice!

Our apologies for the late arrival of the April edition of Outreach. This was due to our new printing machine breaking down. And our thanks to Mr Maurice Spencer – our hero!! He managed to fix up an old machine and then work – literally day and night – printing. A good job since, as we go to press, the new machine is still away with the manufacturers. Maurice, modest as he is, insisted that if we thank him, we also thank that month’s team of collators for the special effort they made – Mrs Rachel Ewer, Mr and Mrs Phill and Lynne Fougere, Mrs Jean Jenkin, Mrs Christine Stevens and Mr Ian Atlee.


Friends of Pendeen Church

Grand Coffee Morning

Friday 10th May in Pendeen Vicarage

10am to 12 noon

* Cake Stall

* Raffle

* Tombola

**Tours of the Vicarage and grounds

(any contributions for the stalls would be much appreciated)


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