Pendeen with Morvah Churches

Other Events – June

Friday 31st May-Sunday 2nd June Trewellard Beer Festival

Wed 5th          10am-12noon Coffee Morning at Raw-Carn Bungalow for Graveyard (the 2 Pats)

Thu 6th                        7:30pm           Planning meeting in Vicarage to plan Midsummer and the Fête

Sat 8th                        from 3pm        Plant Sale and Cream Tea at Parish Hall

Sun 9th           from 9am        Party of knitters from Canada and USA visit Pendeen Church

11am-4pm                  National Open Farm Event-Trevean Farm, Morvah

Sat 15th & Sun 16th              ‘Bosun’ Smith Celebration at Penzance Baptist Church

Thur 20th        7:30pm           Standing Committee

Wed 26th        2pm                 SONGSTERS meet at Vicarage to entertain at Chy Byghan

Sat 29th          11am               Sponsored Dog Walk for Pendeen Silver Band



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Vicar’s Letter


Pendeen Vicarage

Tel: Penzance (01736) 788777

June 2013

Dear Parishioners,

I’ve just written my first ‘tweet’! I’m sure, like me, you must have heard of tweets. Well, I’ve just had one of those lucid moments, where it all seems so simple – and so I have managed to sum up what the whole Christian Faith is about in a very few short words.

What it started with was reading my entry in my journal for ten years ago today. (I have written a journal every day since the first of January 1975, so can also read twenty years ago and thirty years ago: I’d had attempts before that too, but those petered out for various reasons: the 50 year old one I was reading until a few weeks ago finished with a one word entry ‘Chicken pox’). Ten years ago today I was out walking, at Loe Bar near Helston, and was so moved by the inscription on the monument there (a white cross) that I copied it down in full:-

Sacred to the memory of about 100 officers and men of HMS Anson who were drowned when this ship was wrecked on Loe Bar 29th December 1807,

and buried hereabouts.

Henry Trengrouse of Helston was so impressed by this tragedy that he invented the life-saving rocket apparatus which has since been instrumental in saving thousands of lives.

Erected March 1949.

And, as a Christian, I made a connection. Those hundred lost lives resulted in thousands of saved lives. And Christians look to just one lost life – the death of Jesus on the Cross – as resulting in millions of saved lives – the new and better lives of the people he has ‘saved’ by dying in their place and paying the price for our sin.

Amazing as that is, it is not the end of the story. Jesus died, but He didn’t stay dead. He rose again and promised to be with all His disciples always. Ask any Christian (of any denomination – that’s not important) and they will tell you that, weird as it sounds, they do, in various ways, experience Jesus keeping this promise of His. The Christian life is not just about having sin, and all sorts of bad things, wiped out. It is about all sorts of good things growing and developing in your life too.

The fact that Jesus offers this wonderful new life to us is inextricably tied up with the fact that He died that horrible death. And the Christian will often find that the good things which happen in their lives are inextricably tied up with bad things that happened before. That is why I am a bit wary every morning when I open that 30 years ago diary: I know it was almost 30 years ago that I started suffering from something far worse than chicken pox. The depression which set in then needed a month off work – then medication and professional help which went on for I can’t remember how long (though I guess I’m about to be reminded). I was reminded of it in a general way recently anyway by someone (not a parishioner as it happens) who wanted to speak to me about their depression: I can honestly and humbly say that finding that I had suffered too was a real help to that person – though, if they followed my advice, they are also getting professional help now.

So that’s something else you can ‘ask any Christian’, and my guess is they will say the same. With Jesus in your life you will find the bad things being used for good. Now, for what it’s worth, I must add a personal opinion which would not be shared by all Christians, which is that Jesus is somehow ‘loose in the world’ to the extent that He is doing this ‘using-bad-things-for-the-good’ stuff in situations where people would not claim to follow Him – or even where they are dedicated followers of ‘rival religions’.

But I’ve probably said enough and I still haven’t given you my real gem! – the ‘tweet’ which sums up the whole of Christianity in a few short words.

Well, how about this then?! – HE’S STILL AT IT.

As ever Alan the Vicar

PS If you don’t write magazine articles like this, what are you supposed to do with tweets?


Church News

Elizabeth Fry was a Quaker who lived in Victorian times. Her epiphany was quite simply the few words of one man at their Meeting House which led her to do God’s work. And sometimes in our Church there are many words spoken but only a few speak as loud and clear as during Sheila’s sermon for Christian Aid Week. For me it was the word Victorian that spoke loud and clear.

Sheila quite literally gave us food for thought when she invited us to join friends at the Centre of Pendeen for a nutritious lunch and where all money raised will go to Christian Aid. This just goes to prove how lucky we are in the Western world; we have a lunch to feed the poor!

How ironic.

Sheila said it is not only an outrage against humanity but also an outrage against God for people to live in poverty. We have so much, there should be no need for the divide to be so big and yet it still is. Well, like I said, we are very lucky and dare I say, spoilt. We have education and a health service as a right to every person born in this country and available to many who wish to live here. We can also go to giant supermarkets and demand that our vegetables are uniformly shaped, unblemished and even scrubbed clean. We can buy new and incredibly cheap clothes in certain high street shops,  such is the wealth in this country.

Now we can say the Victorian values of the rich and poor went out in the dark ages! Or did they? our neighbours are only a plane ride away and instant news feed means we cannot turn a blind eye to the world’s plight. So yes, in this century Christian Aid is helping a man to feed himself and there are schools for the lucky ones and a small amount of health aid is available to the wealthy, but for the very poor and others it is the Victorian workhouse that still beckons; or sweat shops as they have now become known, like the one in Bangladesh that recently collapsed killing hundreds of young poverty stricken women and children.

Sadly a lot of Victorian values are still here and on our doorstep. Sheila said we cannot feed the whole world but we can do our bit and a bit more. We can donate our money and we can stop and think about where our food comes from and who makes the clothes that we can put on our backs and then throw away without a second thought.

Yes, we can fulfil our duty to God by feeding the hungry and the homeless and we can say no to goods that are made through slave labour and no to the supermarkets not paying a fair price for a farmers’ hard work. And while we feed God’s world we can be sure that God will feed our souls.

Love and God bless from the Church Cat.


Morvah Mouse

During the next few months we have two important Church events to look forward to.

In June the Epilogues start and go on through to September. There is a very attractive programme this year including many regular favourites and some interesting new ones. We are blessed with so many gifted people who share their talents with us, giving us so much pleasure.

Then on August 6th is Pasty Day! Morvah Church Pasty Day was started by Ann Foreman in about 1975. She was trying to raise money for Church repairs – as we do – and came up with the idea of selling pasties and cups of tea to the summer visitors. Since then the idea continues in the Church and on the outside and all around, the Morvah Festival has expanded our day. Morvah Fair dates back many years ago, possibly over 100, and that is where we get our date for Pasty Day from – the first Tuesday in August.

So as summer approaches – we hope – there will be a gathering of locals and visitors to enjoy the days – the combination of two events, our special days whatever the weather.


Musical Epilogues at Morvah Church 2013

A lovely end to a Summer Sunday; they begin at 8pm.


2nd ~          Jenny Leyfield ~ Flute

9th ~ Eilidh Armstrong ~ Vocalist

16th ~         Maria Heseltine ~ Vocalist

23rd –          Jenna & Morwenna Matthews ~ Singing Duo

30th ~         Valerie Pill ~ Soprano


7th ~                     Pendeen Band followed by Concert (hopefully on the green!)

14th ~         Helen and Robert Tregenza Crofts –

Early Music, with Karen Abbott ~  Mezzo Soprano

21st ~          The Deanery Choir

28th ~         BARBED CHOIR


4th ~                     No service at Morvah: Service in Pendeen Car Park at

7:30pm with Pendeen Band and Canon Samuel Marsden

11th ~         Patrick Gale ~ Cello,

with Pippa Drummond & Antony White ~ Flutes

18th ~         Annie Henryholland Singer/Songwriter/Guitar

25th ~         Pendeen Church Singing Group


1st ~ Helen Bailey ~ Mezzo Soprano

8th ~                    ONE AND ALL ~ Choir

15th ~         Harvest Festival with Bagas Crowd Fiddle Group

and the Rev Tony Seymour

22nd ~        John Turner ~ Guitar and Vocals

29th ~         Mrs Liz Kevern ~ Soprano


Sunday October 13th is Morvah Feast.

Our special guests at the 9:30am service are the trainee members of Pendeen Band.


Praying Round the Parish

Particularly in our prayers from week beginning


Sunday June 2nd: those who live at Botallack Moor

Sunday June 9th: those who live at Calartha

Sunday June 16th: those who live at Calartha Road

Sunday June 23rd: those who live at Calartha Terrace

Sunday June 30th: those who live at Carn Ros


The two Pats

are holding a

Coffee Morning

on 5th June

10am-12 noon

Raw Carn Bungalow

Everyone welcome

Bring & Buy

Proceeds to Pendeen Church Graveyard Funds


Pendeen Church Midsummer Celebrations

Monday 24th June

6pm Celebration Service in Church with Bishop Tim

Followed by Parade with Pendeen Band, Midsummer teas, buns & sports


June Dates and Events in and around Pendeen

1st  *  Pendeen Farmers’ Market

5th  *  Coffee Morning for Graveyard funds

8th  *  Plant Sale and Cream Teas for St Julia’s Hospice

10th  *  Papercrafts and card making workshop

15th  *  Pendeen Farmers’ Market

22nd  *  Morvah Midsummer Supper

24th  *  Pendeen Church Midsummer Celebrations

29th  *  Pendeen Band sponsored Dog Walk

29th  *  St Peterstide Service at Boat Cove

6th July  *  Pendeen Novelty Dog Show & Family Day


REGULAR EVENTS (In Parish Hall unless otherwise indicated)

Monday 1:30-4:30pm      Art Group [Brian Nicholls 01736 367109] (WI Hall)

7:30pm                Band Practice (Band Room) [Chris Hatch 01736 785846]

6pm-8pm             T’ai Chi Chuan (Centre of Pendeen) [Nan 01736 788438]

8pm-9pm             Zumba Classes (Centre of Pendeen) [Cathy Campbell 711926]

Tuesday 10am-11am       Pilates (Centre of Pendeen) [Karen 01736 759166]

10am-11am       Dance into Fitness (Parish Hall) [Caroline 07773 669667]

2pm-4pm             Over 50’s –  every alternate Tuesday [Pat Earley 788636]

6pm-8pm             T’ai Chi Chuan (Centre of Pendeen) [Nan 01736 788438]

Wednesday 1pm-4pm             Boscaswell Artists Open Studio/Gallery [01736 788505/350713]

2:00pm                W.I. –  1st Wednesday (W.I. Hall) [Sue Hurst 787394]

2pm-3pm             Legs, Bums and Tums [Sonja 785773]

7pm-9pm             Short Mat Bowls (Centre Pendeen) [Ronnie Thomas 07917 772619]

7:00pm                Band Practice (Band Room)

Thursday 9:30am-3pm      Computer Network Training (Centre of Pendeen)

12:30pm             Lunch Club –  book with Ann Wood 787747/787834

1:45-2:45pm      Pilates (Centre of Pendeen) [Karen 07976 458914]

6:30-8:00pm      Iyengar Yoga (Centre of Pendeen) [Cath 01736 788656]

Friday 7:15-9pm            Table Tennis (Centre of Pendeen)

8pm-9:30pm      Line Dancing Beginners Class (W.I. Hall)

Sunday 9:30am-10:45am

Yoga for Back Pain (Centre of Pendeen) [Caroline 07776 076914]

Monday to Friday:              The Children’s Ark – contact Virginia Davies 01736 787167

9:00 – 11:30am Pre School (for ages 2 to 4 years)

8:00 – 6:00pm    Day Care (for ages 3 months to 4 years)


PENDEEN SURGERY (Doctors Long, Cormie, Kingston, Fullick and Glazier)

Tel: 01736 363361 2pm – 4:30pm    Monday, Tuesday & Friday by appointment


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