The Church

It is said that the permanent church cost £2,000 to build.  Robert Aitken was his own architect:  he adopted the proportions of the early English cathedral at Iona.

Building works
It was built entirely by local labour.  The stone was quarried on the Carn at the back and brought down to the site on farmers’ carts.

Significant Features
There are several significant features to be seen in the main body of the church:

The Tower
The tower contains –

1888 – Clock installed.
The clock is in fact owned and maintained by the Local Council.
More information can be found on the rootsweb site: New Clock for Pendeen.
1908 – Hanging of 10 tubular bells, replacing the original old iron bell, which had hung in the belfry for over 50 years – cost £242.
1984 – Tubular bells refurbished
1958 – Pinnacles removed from the tower for safety reasons and re-erected on Carbis Bay Parish Church.
The Churchyard
1906 – Consecration of new Churchyard.
1920 – Dedication of the War Memorial by the Bishop of Truro
1950 – Headstones removed from manay graves in clearance of the Churchyard
1951 – Chancel re-roofed – cost £497
1965 – Consecration of Churchyard extension
Changes and Improvements
1888 – Erection of the Church clock and heightenting of the tower.
1893 – Church cleaned and renovated  – pews modernised. New organ installed.
1927 – New heating appartus fixed in the Church
1948 – Installation of electric light in the Church
1949 – Installation of a new boiler in the Church
1962 – Re-slating of roof completed – cost £4,300
1967 – Re-plastering of Church walls
1978 – Major renovation programme for Parish Halls starts
1980 – Pews stripped and polished
1980 – Panel radiators installed.  Mr. J. Coak presents new boiler.
1984 – Tubular bells refurbished
1986 – Font cover memorial to the Rev. R.E. Marsden dedicated
Donations made by the Friends of Pendeen Church
2009 – Contribution towards Pointing Work on the Church tower £781.
2010 – Re-wiring the Church £7,165
2011 – Additional Electrical work £776
2012 – Replacing the External Notice Board £911
2013 – Church Organ Maintenance £1,924 / Broken Window replacement £500
2014 – Lightning Conductor £346 / Side Chapel Carpet £200 / Church Organ Maintenance £6,632
2015 – Church Organ Maintenance £6,000 / Boiler Maintenance £550
2016 – Church Organ Maintenance £6,004 / Church Organ Completion £9,864 / New Kitchen £4,704 / Roof Repairs £3,287
2017 – Sound System £5,314 / Church Organ Completion £14,500
2018 – Church Organ Completion £1,546

Other interesting facts
A cast iron plaque on the left hand wall in the chancel was made for the Great Exhibition of 1851 and depicts the entombment.

Outside, opposite the church door, is the grave of the parents of Richard Oates who, with his partner John Deason, found the largest single lump of gold ever discovered in the world.  It was known as the “Welcome Stranger” and was found on 5 February 1869 at Moliagul in Victoria, Australia. It weighed 2316oz (Troy) : 72Kg. It was too big for the scales and had to be broken on an anvil into three pieces before it could be weighed. It was sold for more than £9,534. In February 2019 the BBC commemorated the 150th anniversary of its discovery Welcome Stranger: World’s largest gold nugget remembered

1924 – Opening of the tennis court
1957 – Evening Service broadcast in BBC Home Service.
1959 – Morning Service broadcast in BBC Overseas Service.
1964 – Antique refectory table presented for use as the Holy Table
1968 – Visit of the action High Commissioner of New Zealand
1970 – First Parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land
1973 – Second Parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land
1975 – Large tapestry picture of Christ blessing the children given by Mr. & Mrs. W. Forsyth of Sennen
1976 – David Watson’s “Mission to Cornwall” visits Pendeen
1980 – Parish records deposited at record office, Truro.
1985 – The Parish is combined with Morvah

But what is Pendeen Church really for?
– by Alan Rowell – Vicar (1981 – 2015)
The first clue is outside the church: You get it by walking our Pendeen cliffs and moors. God made this beautiful world, and we get together to thank Him. But it’s not that simple. In all sorts of ways, what we do makes the world less beautiful than God intended. So the next clue is what faces you as you walk into church – a huge stone basin! – the “font”. God wants to “wash us”, that is forgive us for the wrong we do. He also wants to “fill us”, to help us do, more and more, what we ought to be doing. Neither of these things is simple either. Christians believe that we are “washed” because Jesus came to die on the Cross for us. We also believe we are “filled” by God’s Holy Spirit. All this is too big for us to grasp: But we can be grasped by it as we meet week by week. Half way up the church are the “lectern” and “pulpit”: From these we hear readings and explanations about what God does, and what we ought to do in response. Right at the end of the church, under the magnificent East Window, is the best thing of all – a table! That is best because it pictures how we can know God, like people eating a meal together. We can know God because of Jesus and because of the Holy Spirit. If Pendeen Church helps people to know God, it is doing what it was built for.