April 2017

St Just Parish Church Sunday mornings 9:30am Holy Communion (not 30th)
St Just Free Church Sunday mornings 10:30am Service of Worship
Please check notice board in front of Free Church for their other details or changes to their services

Pendeen Church Flower Rota
16th:23rd April : Ann Allen ** 30th April:7th May : Jessica Colliver

Priest in charge Pendeen with Morvah
Rev Karsten Wedgewood Tel: 01736 788829
Ermelo, Pendeen TR19 7SQ Email: karstenwedgewood@gmail.com

Mrs Zip Roberts Tel: 363529 Mrs Anne Jones Tel: 360233
Deputy Churchwardens
Malcolm Earley Tel: 788636 Matt Ormsby Tel: 786198

Church Treasurer Bryan Cuddy Tel: 811168
PCC Secretary refer to Rev Karsten Wedgewood
Parish Hall Bookings Mrs Madge Mendes Tel: 785671
Lunch Club Bookings Mrs Paulene Beckham Tel: 787834
Church Organist David Packer Tel: 788606
Outreach Editor Mrs Rachel Ewer Tel: 786011
Outreach by post Mrs Sally Shaw Tel: 788798
Outreach Treasurer David Packer Tel: 788606

Outreach closing date for May 2017 is 12th April
Outreach website address: www.friendsofpendeenchurch.org.uk/outreach